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Establish controls and secure your operation.

Vulnerability management

  • Periodic vulnerability analysis;
  • Assets inventory;
  • Patch management;
  • Remediation support;
  • Action plan advice.
  • Continuous Threat Monitoring

    • Traffic flow network monitoring
    • Event / Log Management (SIEM);
    • BYOD Management;
    • Threat Intelligence;
    • Real-time threat identification;
    • Brand monitor & protection.

    Cyber Advisory

  • Speep up fixing process
  • Technical advice and workaround support
  • Team and process management
  • PCI-ASV – Compliance Scan

  • Quarterly scans;
  • PCI compliance report.
  • Baseline and Security Configuration

  • Secure configuration baseline;
  • Periodic validation;
  • Deployment support.
  • We offer flexible managed services packages to support security challenges for companies in any maturity level.

    What is covered by Cyber Protection services?

    Servers and Containers



    Network assets




    Information security process maturity

    Continuous compliance with standards and best practices

    Prevent unexpected stops and reduce incidents

    Redução do impacto causado por ataques 


  • Reduce exposure window to threats;
  • Contextual indicators;
  • Service desk integration;
  • Process management and technical advice
  • Do you have those answers at hand?

    Is my information security program evolving?

    How mature are my information security controls?

    How long does it take to have vulnerabilities fixed?

    Am I prepared to comply with regulations and audits?

    Do I need to worry about this new threat everyone is talking about?

    Know your weakness

    Evaluate strength of your security strategy proactively!