Establish, manage and improve your Information Security and Privacy Program

Protect your business with GAT and security services.

Flexible packages for any maturity stage.

Start now and improve your security.

Validate your Security

Identify vulnerabilities and threats that can impact your business. 

Define your Strategy

Discover your maturity and build an Information Security and Privacy program.

Improve Continuously

Keep track of your journey and increase maturity of information security and privacy program.

Your Security and Compliance Center

GAT is a turn-key platform for information security management for digital businesses:

94% reduction of threat lifecycle

Centralization of security routines

55% increase in analysts' productivity

Specialized Information Security Services

Data Security

Adjust your company's privacy requirements and establish data governance policy.

Infraestructure Security

Simulate real attacks in your corporate environment and identify security risks.

Cyber Protection

Strengthen resiliency of technologies in use, reduce incidents and prevent loss.

People Security

Establish a digital education security program for your employees.

Application Security

Define controls, build and maintain your applications securely throughout the development cycle - SDLC.

Security Framework

Analyze process maturity and define a Security and Risk Framework aligned with business objectives.